Hen nights and corporate events where fun is the priority.

The aim here is to have fun, while documenting something which might not come easily to some participants. There’s no fixed way of going about this, but the coordinator will have plenty of experience and will tailor the experience to the group at hand. Songs and lyrics are generally sent in advance, unless the event is a surprise, in which case, well-known songs are chosen.


Here's an example of what might happen:

The coordinator will generally suggest the group initially sing a piece all together. This tends to put people at ease.

From here, it might be suggested to record in two groups which take turns to compete singing a verse each, or individually one line at a time. Singers can be put in two lines and each given a line to sing. As each line of the song flies by, the singers rotate from the front to the back of their line. This will result in chaos and much laughter. Alternatively, a soloist can be chosen / designated / victimised and recorded with a group of backing singers. Whichever way is best for the group and trhe moment, everyone is sure to have fun on the day.

After the day, the songs will be edited and mixed and provided on CD along with the backing tracks. The CD cover will consist of photos from the day or evening along with the names of the participants, a list of thanks etc.


If you have specific questions, as always, get in touch!

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