Capturing live events is easy with Komodo

From rock gigs to large choral and orchestral events, Komodo has the equipment, the expertise and the experience to capture not only the sound but the vibe of any size of live event.


Shows we've recorded have ranged from large multi-ensemble events in Belfast's Ulster Hall and various venues in India, to school shows and pub rock gigs across Ireland. The setups are designed in a way that doesn't affect the visuals of the show. This is achieved either using mic splitters so as to minimise the number of microphones on stage and keep the signal for the live sound desk unaffected, or recording straight off digital live desks to ProTools. In addition to the mics used for the instruments on stage, ambience mics are used to capture the sound of the room, the audience and the atmosphere of the event.


Partial equipment list:

- Access to all of Westland Studios' Equipment

- 24 channels of mic splitters

- Preamps: Audient ASP008 with digital option, CLM Dynamics DB8000S with digital option, Mackie Onyx with digital out, Focusrite with digital out. All of these have multiple outs. Aditional preamps by Avalon, Amek, Portico, Toft, Drawmer and others on demand.

- Mics: a wide selection from soundfield SPS422B, B&K, Shure, AKG, Neumann, Blue, Audix, Sennheiser and others.

- Apogee AD16X with ProTools expansion card

- RME 8 channel conversion

- Protools HD 192 (up to 64 channels)

- Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder (24 channels of ADAT or analogue I/O)

- Samplitude ProX with 24 channels of ADAT I/O


Setups can be configured to have two independent recording systems for greater safety. Get in touch for pricing.


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