CD / Audio Mastering:

Mixing and mastering are two seperate processes which a lot of people "mix up". (-ugh!)

Mixing is in essence the balancing of instruments and voices to create "the mix" of a song, whereas mastering is the art and science of putting the mixes of each song together to form an album.


Mastered albums should sound like cohesive entities rather than a loose compilation of songs. The music should sound clearer with more impact, a better stereo image and should convey the emotion of the music better.

Recordings done using the Profit Share scheme automatically include Mixing and Mastering

The Mastering is performed by MSB Mastering, a well established mastering house in Dublin.


Audio transfers:

If you’ve got a pile of reels you’ve inherited or found in your attic, why not get them digitised? From shellac, through cassettes to DAT, we'll let you know what can be done.

Due to the huge variety of formats and potential issues, please get in touch with details of the project.


Denoising / audio restoration:

Have you got audio recorded that’s corrupted, has too much hiss or buzz, needs fixing, amended, enhanced or converted to another format?

Please get in touch for a quote.


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