Recording praise groups - fun for a purpose!

Praise group projects can involve recording many different groups and setups, usually in the praise group's own church facilities. Past projects have involved recording rock/country type band setups with or without choirs, congregations, small orchestras, soloists with backing tracks and many other combinations.
Every project is different and needs to reflect the identity of the group and the church involved. The sheer variety of these projects means that we’d love to have a chat and send you a sample of a similar project that we have undertaken.



-Can we mix and match what we include on our CD?

Absolutely. In many cases, the more people and variety you include, the better.

Our unique Profit Share Scheme is particularly suitable for this kind of project, and is very popular among praise groups.


-Can you record a special event or a service?

Yes. You can listen to a sample on the Live Recording tab. These recordings can turn out very well indeed. We’d need to have a chat well in advance though.

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